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What methods of plastic tray efficiency

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
What methods of plastic tray efficiency for plastic tray must be very familiar with, plastic pallet manufacturers in the process of transport of goods, how to increase the effect is very important for enterprise. 1, can reduce the packaging waste and packaging costs numerous tray using domestic enterprises, some enterprises use wooden pallets carrying capacity and service life is limited, due to product packaging material cost is high. Use plastic pallet can use for a long time, reduce the packaging cost of the enterprise. Large packaging products demand for enterprises to adopt share system can don't have to buy a large number of trays, more from the storage, management and maintenance of plastic tray, thus significantly reduce the packaging cost, reduce the capital takes up enterprises in product packaging, improve logistics efficiency. 2, reduce the use of wooden pallets, protecting the environment now is to use the wooden parts enterprises plastic tray, the maintenance cost is high, a timber trees can only make 5 standard pallet, save the tray for the protection of natural forest resources is very meaningful. service life is long, can be suitable for a variety of places. 3, cooperate with the smart chip, prompt the efficiency of system via the Internet and the effective combination of RFID technology, realize electronic information management, do goods for real-time monitoring in the whole process of the logistics, realize the visualization of logistics, improve the management level. 4, to ensure the safety of cargo transportation, cargo damage risk reduction, the use of plastic tray can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading of drivers, can also be very good to protect the goods, not scattered not knock against, to ensure the safety of the goods. Use Plastic collapsible crategreatly decrease the rate of damaged goods, to protect the safety of personnel. Plastic pallet manufacturers but to pay attention to the standard of Plastic collapsible cratein the transportation and generality, ensure it can be used after unloaded.
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