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What should be paid attention to when applying anti-static turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-06
In modern freight, plastic foldable boxes are an indispensable equipment, which can bring more convenience and speed when used, and can better improve work efficiency and reduce various troubles in the work process. Turnover boxes The manufacturer reminds us that there are some problems in the process of normal use, and we need to pay extra attention to use it in the correct way, which not only allows the product to play a greater role, but also avoids various problems in the application process. Affect the service life. Plastic foldable boxes have their own load-bearing capacity. Different products have different load-bearing capacities. We should combine the specific load-bearing capacity in the application process, and then use it. Everyone should not use it at will. We often exceed its own load-bearing capacity when loading items, so the service life will be affected for a long time. After all, the product is a plastic product and cannot be thrown from a high altitude to avoid damage in the process. Usually when you don’t use plastic foldable boxes, you should pack them together and don’t put them in places with strong sunlight to avoid aging of the plastics, which will cause the service life to be greatly affected. Increase the cost in the operation process. Be careful when you put things inside, don’t stack them completely, don’t have some off-center positions, to avoid damage, and use them correctly in accordance with the corresponding regulations and requirements during the application process. The manufacturer of the logistics turnover box recommends that you pay attention to the above issues when using it, apply it according to your own load-bearing capacity, and must clean up after use, and do not throw it everywhere, and it should not be placed in a humid or humid environment. It is a place exposed to direct sunlight. When people can notice these problems, the service life can be prolonged and other unexpected things can be avoided during use.
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