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Where is the Suzhou plastic box/turnover box/folding box good? Several tables clearly indicate the professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
The editor always says that Qusheng plastic boxes are good, Qusheng plastic box folding boxes are good, so where are they good? Let’s use a few tables below to give you a simple analysis of plastic turnover boxes/Qusheng plastic box folding boxes. . (Picture 1) Basics: Take 1000 boxes as the unit, and the service life is one year. The carton, plastic box, flip, stacking box, folding box, poor waterproofness, good mothproofness, good dustproofness, and dustproof cover can be added. The dust cover can be added with five layers, five layers, five layers, and five layers. The service life is one month, two to three years, or even two to three years, even two to three years, or even longer (Figure 2). : Take 1,000 boxes as the unit, and the service life is 1 year, 2 years and 3 years, respectively. High recycling rate, energy saving and material saving, reducing investment costs. High recycling rate, energy saving and material saving, reducing investment costs. High recycling rate, energy saving and material saving, reducing investment costs. (Picture 3) Use article, also use 1000 boxes of 450mm*450mm*350mm as the unit, store and stack them during use (you can calculate by yourself according to the area conversion formula) carton plastic box flip, stacking box, folding box, empty box pendulum The storage area can be folded, the floor area is small, and it can be stacked. The floor area is small, and it can be folded and stored at 180°. It can be folded and stored in a small area. It is 1/of the storage area of u200bu200bgeneral plastic boxes and flipping boxes. 4-1/3. Small footprint. It needs to be unfolded and pasted before use, and needs to be glued after use-time-consuming and labor-intensive storage space covers an area, but it can be transported and stored with a forklift, which saves time and effort. Stacking at 180° is convenient for storage and takes up more space. It can be folded or unfolded in one second, easy to use. The use effect is low load-bearing, not easy to place heavy objects, easy to deform, and easy to use. It is suitable for various products with different upper and lower calibers. There are certain restrictions on product requirements and it is not convenient to use. Easy to use, suitable for all kinds of products, there is no angle between the wall and the bottom of the box, and the application range is wide. Workshop turnover is too high and easy to collapse. Stacking neatly stacking neatly stacking neatly (Figure 4) Logistics/Warehousing Carton Plastic Box Turning Overfolding Box Folding Box Advantages One-time use, difficult to recycle, and basically not reusable inside It is mostly square, convenient for storage, and the volume of empty boxes becomes smaller after stacking. It is more convenient for recycling. The internal square is convenient for storage. The free storage volume is 1/4 of the original. It is convenient for recycling and reuse. Disadvantages. Objective, not waterproof, low weight, not conducive to long-distance transportation. The empty box has a large storage volume and is not easy to stack. The upper and lower calibers are different. There are certain requirements for the product and it is not easy to stack too high. No empty boxes are placed. Small footprint. Large footprint. Small footprint. Small stacking. Too high and easy to fall over five or six layers. Not too high, not too high. Ten-layer stacking design, non-slip buckle storage environment dry and no Nothing. The above is the many benefits of Suzhou plastic boxes, flip and stack boxes, and folding boxes organized by the editor. So today I will introduce them here. For more information on plastic turnover boxes, please call the contact number: for consultation, you can also visit Qusheng Limited The company has a detailed understanding, address: No. 252, Xinhua Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City.
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