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Which Guangzhou hollow board has fast delivery?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-06


u200du200d Which Guangzhou hollow board has fast delivery?

u200du200d1, the delivery date of the hollow board first depends on the quantity and specifications of the product?

u200du200d Guangzhou Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a new type of packaging material manufacturer. The company was established in May 2014 and is located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. The company has developed rapidly, stood out in many packaging industries, and soon became a rookie in the industry! The company's main products are: hollow board, hollow board knife card, hollow board turnover box, card board, corrugated packaging box, and EVA. It can be customized and processed according to customer requirements. u200du200d

u200du200d2, is the delivery date of the hollow board related to the color? u200du200du200du200d

u200du200d The company currently has 2 hollow board production lines, 1 Taiwanese automatic beer machine and more than 30 complete sets of production equipment for hollow board post-processing. The monthly production of hollow board is 90 tons, hollow. Production of 20,000 board turnover boxes and 40,000 sets of knife cards. Ensuring the quality of customers and improving the speed of delivery are our tenet, so you can rest assured to cooperate with us. u200du200d

u200du200d3, Qusheng Plastics Contact Number: Huang Sheng 137 6420 8183u200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200d


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