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Which molds are needed for the plastic turnover box in the manufacturing process? Suzhou Qusheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., special injection mold

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
In the previous chapters, the editor introduced the use and distinction of plastic turnover boxes. Today, Miss Wen will come to talk to you about which molds are needed in the manufacturing process of plastic boxes. Due to the different materials, appearance, specifications and uses of the plastic box products, the corresponding molds are also very different. Therefore, there are many kinds of molds that plastic boxes need to use, and the classification method of each mold is not single. The classification of the same mold may be different. According to the output value and specific gravity, they can be divided into plastic molds and stamping molds. . Plastic molds are mainly used for molding of plastic parts, that is, after heating the granular plastic raw materials, the molten material is poured into the mold cavity by the injection equipment to form, and the mold is opened after the product is cooled, and the finished product is ejected by the ejection equipment. step. The granular plastic materials used in Qusheng turnover box here are PP or PE materials, namely polypropylene and polyethylene materials, which are very stable and very durable. According to different processes, plastic molds can be divided into injection molds, hollow blow molds, compression molds, etc. Among them, injection mold products are widely used and have complex structures. They occupy an important position in plastic molds, especially the stability of injection products. The performance is deeply loved by the public. According to statistics, more than half of the plastic mold output is injection molds. There is also a saying-mentioning plastic molds; referring to injection molds. Qusheng's turnover box manufacturing process uses injection molds. At present, the company has 6 large injection molding machines, with about 300 models of its own molds, and an average daily output of about 8,000. The strength is very reliable. Qusheng plastic box plastic, plastic box manufacturers focus on all kinds of plastic turnover boxes, quality is guaranteed, welcome to buy.
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