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Why do plastic pallet standardization

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
The standardization of the tray has been paid great attention in advanced developed countries. Some countries are not only in their own national tray management committee, responsible for coordinating the tray operation and management, and even set up tray sharing system, guide more enterprises choose standard pallet, drive tray standardization and standardization of logistics process. In South Korea, for example, the government promote the unification of national standard pallet size. By 1973 years ago and llOOmm x 1200 mm x 800 mm llOOmm, two size for llOOmm x llOOmm - unity Kind of size. So, plastic pallet standardization has what meaning?
the industry, Plastic collapsible crateif formulate unified specifications plastic tray, tray can be done with the export of goods and international standardization tray to achieve the effective connection, can significantly reduce the enterprise export costs.
2, at present, our country existing Plastic collapsible cratestandard, does not have legal sense of industry standards, the only industry standard guidance, under the new economic development situation, this guideline is clearly inappropriate.
3, Plastic collapsible crateindustry standardization standards is difficult, it need to reasonable coordination, especially need plastic pallet enterprises to actively participate in. Only do with international standardization of tray, can promote the development of industry in good health.
4, if mandatory national occupation standard come on stage, this requires all plastic pallet manufacturing enterprise to do strictly abide by, for can not meet the industry standards or not according to industry standards and enterprise, shall be ordered to halt production. So are bound to increase the enterprise cost, it is also hinder the plastic pallet standardization of an important factor.

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