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Why do plastic tray fade?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
Why do plastic tray fade? Plastic pallet production process affects the quality of the use of plastic tray, process and quality of the tray has a lot to do, Plastic collapsible cratemainly include injection molding and blow molding of these two kinds of craft. Why do plastic pallet manufacturers fade? A carbon powder due to the general reason, on the market of plastic tray is usually blue, and change can also affect the material of pallet plastic tray will fade. Second, sun exposure to the sun's rays can make plastic product is easy to aging, due to ultraviolet radiation, the tray may fade, even become fragile. Therefore, under normal circumstances, plastic products can anti-aging agent is added in the production process. Three, return by return material made of plastic material tray has some shortcomings, and easier than tray made of pure new materials to rub off. At the same time, if there are impurities in materials, is also not conducive to color. Four, raw material tray usually made from high impact resistant polyethylene, and plastic tray is made of PP. Different raw material tray of stability is also one of the reasons that affect fade. faded reason mainly is to share these above, our plastic pallet manufacturers before buying, you must know the manufacturer's qualification and a large number of contract, so that the quality and after-sale are all very good guarantee.
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