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Why in the majority with blue plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
Why in the majority with blue Plastic collapsible crateplastic tray on the market for more blue or dark blue, in 'any pay attention for the color of the plastic tray, we mentioned the color of the Plastic collapsible cratehave blue, black, red, green, white and other colors, so why give priority to dozen of color plastic pallet manufacturers choose blue? Plastic pallet blue because the appearance looks neat and clean; Blue is also cool color looks more security; 1. Choose tray color is blue because blue looks more clean and tidy, cool color attune of color also looks strong, give a person a good credibility. 2. The default blow molding tray color for uniform color, is to facilitate the recovery and processing. Plastic pallet as a recyclable product, recyclable waste, processing and other products, or production material tray back. Because some companies use request is not high, in order to control the cost at the same time, will purchase material tray back. 3. In the process of tray production, there may be color difference for many reasons. Blue, relative to other colour stability is higher. Manufacturer of plastic tray color matching in the machining process of a long period of time, is already very mature, the chance of the color difference is small. 4. Convenient storage spot, in response to the enterprise demand for bulk spot. And too late to avoid because of the equipment supply, reserve the spot is a must. 5. Different color for tray provisions of the state, the tray color to blue is more on the Chinese market. In addition to other conventional color such as green, orange, red is also on the market can see tray of 6. General regular black tray for the back material products ( A one-time export) Or for antistatic products. 7. Under the condition of a certain number of procurement, can communicate with factory processing other color blow molding tray. 8. Classification and visual management requirements of enterprises, can be a one-time procurement multicolor tray. In the domestic market of plastic tray, usually use blue this is a secret market rules, is also a kind of habit of public default, plastic pallet manufacturers its advantage is that it greatly facilitates plastic pallet manufacturers acceptance of waste plastic tray.
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