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Why is hollow board an ideal environmentally friendly material instead of cardboard, wood and corrugated board?

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

Why is it said that hollow board is an ideal environmentally friendly material instead of cardboard, wood board, corrugated board, etc.

Hollow board is so called, and there are two flat plates on the upper and lower sides, with standing root supports and connections in the middle , A hollow is formed between the standing root and the standing root. The height of the stand root determines the thickness of the sheet, and the thickness of the hollow sheet after forming is generally 2mm-10mm.

PP plastic hollow board is a new type of plastic material, extruded at high temperature. By adding color masterbatch, various gorgeous colors can be produced.

Compared with cardboard

Cardboard is afraid of water, moisture, and perishable. Most of the glass bottles are filled with liquids. Due to the poor shock-proof performance of cardboard during transportation, The glass bottle is easy to break and the cardboard is not waterproof. Although the price is cheap, the transportation quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it may increase the cost, so it can only be used once. The hollow board bottle holder solves the shortcomings of the cardboard. The glass bottle holder can be used repeatedly and has a long service life. After the damage, the manufacturer can also recycle it, which not only plays a role in environmental protection, but also reduces the cost.

Compared with wooden boards

Boards have poor toughness and high prices. The edges and corners of the packaging are also easy to pierce the packaging during the packaging process. Hollow board bottle holders Different specifications of size, thickness, toughness and hardness can be customized according to customer requirements. If there is a need for edge banding, edge banding can also be done. Our company provides edge banding technology, which is rare in China. At present, there are manufacturers of edge banding machines in China. Fewer than dozens.

Comparing hollow board to corrugated board

Hollow board is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, which will not generate dust during use, and has a long service life, which is the life of corrugated board. 4-10 times more than that, it is recyclable and has a tendency to gradually replace paper corrugated board, which is mainly reflected in product packaging. In addition, because of the light weight, good toughness, flexible size and relatively low cost of PP hollow board, the PP hollow board turnover box equipped with various accessories has a tendency to replace the injection turnover box.

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