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Why logistics plastic tray can't use blister process

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Our common plastic tray with plastic injection or blow molding two kinds of production methods, application of injection molding plastic pallet is more, this basically is the bearing capacity of the injection plastic tray, in the tray injection molding and blow molding tray is introduced that a clear explanation. Why didn't someone reaction blister Plastic collapsible crateof the production process? Qusheng plastic today speak some reason for everyone.
in the first place, we mentioned the plastic tray, most often think of logistics in plastic tray, which is as a bottom tray to carry the goods. Below:

but the concept of plastic pallet is relatively broad, broad sense as long as it is made of plastic tray can be called plastic tray, such as saying some of the food and drug use plastic pallet, the diagram below:

the above two kinds of Plastic collapsible cratebecause of differences in shape, so adopt different production processes, logistics plastic tray with injection molding process, and some small and thin plastic tray to use blister process.
then, we look at the difference between mold and injection molding process:

the difference between mold and injection molding process
1, different mode of production
blister products is through the sheet after baking hot, again will launch by suction plate glue the sheet and mould, and then after cooling molding.
injection is after hot melt the plastic in the use of the plastic extrusion pressure on the injection mold, and then cooling molding, made of.

2, use type blister more applied in electronic products, digital products, toys, stationery, hardware accessories, such as the type of blister products have blister box, blister blister, blister tray and blister hood type.
injection is typically used for plastic tray production logistics, such as following again, computer shell, hardware accessories, plastic cups, mouse shell shell, etc. , also can use the injection molding process.
3 different
blister products, production cycle is a hot soft-type mode of production, can be composed of multiple die over a blister products. And injection mold production cycle is longer, which is composed of a single modeling multiple pressing production, and no longer need to points directly to form products.
4, from the aspects of practical application to
blister genera in packaging products, in the form of the injection molding are items in the form of products, the same are both belong to the plastic products.

in general, because the concept of plastic pallet is widespread, different USES and different size shape tray will use different production technology, and logistics with the plastic tray because its thickness is bigger, not suitable for blow molding process.

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