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Why plastic tray can become angry you know?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
Why Plastic collapsible cratecan change color? after a period of time after use will fade, yellowing is usually composed of aging ( Degradation) Cause, because polypropylene on unstable side group, especially in the lighting condition. This is caused by material aging or degradation, often participate in light stabilizer. PE with no side group, so early treatment or use the yellowing is not very common. Turn yellow PVC, the product formula is larger.

whitening is the original cause of oxidation, simple oxidation on the surface of some of the plastic tray, need to master the surface treatment.

in addition to system harmful additives and impurities, mainly caused by aging, in addition to the appropriate antioxidant system and ultraviolet resistant agent can improve the yellowing of PE, PP, but many hindered phenolic antioxidant system itself can bring a slight yellow, there are also some antioxidant system and resistance to the effects of uv radiation dose, so be careful when using. Participate in polymer lubricant, mainly in the machine wall form mobile polymer fluorine polymer film, improve polyolefin resin extrusion, extrusion pressure and processing temperature, improve product quality, increase productivity, reduce production cost, reduce or eliminate the melt fracture, reduce scrap rate.

when not to use plastic pallet, we should store them in the home, in order to avoid direct sunlight, reducing chromatism.

the measures to prevent photochromic include: uv isolation, changing the structure of the composition of absorption and isolation of oxygen and capture free radicals, destroy the color material structure, remove discoloration precursor cells.

in order to prevent biological discoloration, change or damage the environment factors, such as temperature, humidity, pH value, oxygen and nutrients for microorganisms or organisms live, such as water conservation, plastic seal and chemical treatment.

to prevent discoloration enzyme, enzyme activity and isolation of oxygen reduction, such as acid and alkali treatment to adjust pH value, through boiling, high-frequency heating to alter the nature of the protein, antioxidant inhibits the activity of phenoloxidase, water to isolate oxygen.

in this paper, by the plastic tray, this view does not represent the views.
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