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Why the market for plastic tray to large area take wooden pallets

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Of (among) all the generation of wooden pallets, also is the most market potential of the fastest growing plastic tray, in recent years, an annual update rate and growth rate were 10%, including petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation industries use Plastic collapsible cratenumber is multiplied. can be repeatedly used, water resistance, fast, save freight, is conducive to open operation and storage, need not take up the turnover warehouse. Compared with the wooden tray, hardness, and improves the 3 - cycle utilization 5 times, in line with the requirements of save timber resources. Plastic pallet thanks to the development of a number of factors, first of all plastic pallet itself superior performance; Followed by the country in recent years stepped up controls on deforestation, make lumber costs rose sharply, with Europe and the United States is more and more demanding on wooden pallet, stimulate the use of plastic tray; Moreover is Plastic collapsible crateprocessing equipment automation degree is high, large production. With China's plastics machinery and raw material prices increased performance, make the cost of plastic pallet is no longer a bottleneck restricting use. The size of Plastic collapsible crateis standard logistics unitized is important. Tray and storage shelves, handling of the product, container, transportation vehicles, the unloading platform and handling facilities has a direct relationship, so the pallet size is the basis of considering other logistics equipment size. Tray beam shelves, for example, the beam width of the size of the most common is 2300 mm and 2700 mm, the former bearing with two 1200 mm x 1000 mm tray, the latter bearing put three 1200 mm x 800 mm tray. Here, in particular, to establish an effective tray utility system, must use the standard specification of the pallet, pallet standardization is the precondition of tray homework a consistent. When choosing pallet size should consider the following factors: 1. Want to consider the size of transport and transport equipment, the right tray size should comply with the size of the transport, can make full use of the space transportation, improve the cubed out, reduce transport costs, especially to consider shipping container and transportation of commercial vehicles of the casing size. 2. Want to consider the packing specification of pallet loading of the goods according to the pallet loading of the goods to choose the appropriate packaging specifications tray, try to maximize the use of tray surface area, control the weight of the goods carried by the height. Reasonable index of the pallet load the goods as follows: 80% tray surface area of the utilization, the weight of the goods carried by the height should not be more than two-thirds of the width of the tray. 3. Want to consider the generality of the tray size should be as far as possible choose international standard pallet specifications, facilitate the exchange of tray and use.
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