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With application of the specifications of the plastic pallet size flour industry

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
is now more and more widely used, because of its use with forklift machinery operation mode of flexible, low cost than traditional manual handling, safety operation etc. , on some food processing, flour and other industries widely used.

plastic tray will be different price of the product, configuration, product performance and so on all product related information listed in the product information sheet, which makes the customers even if they don't go to stores can also comprehensive grasp of product information. to customers as the center for demand management.

a few years ago, flour industry generally USES the traditional manual handling way of turnover, or some of conveyors and other half mechanization operation. And adopt the way of the tray with forklift turnover, can reduce the flow cost of manual operation, improve the work efficiency. And tray inside the warehouse dunnage used can be moistureproof.
general specification for the flour special plastic tray: double structure, size is 1300 * 1100. This size with common flour bags, special plastic pallet size of each layer can put 5 bags of flour, highest can put 8 layers. Used with machinery forklift, double-sided plastic pallet can use double stacking structure, save area, improve storage utilization.

flour special plastic tray than traditional wooden tray has the following features: special flour than traditional wooden tray plastic tray technology is complex, the traditional wooden tray manufacture simple, low cost, but life is short; with mechanical the turnover of the truck, the structure can be achieved in four to fork, and traditional wooden craft tray can realize two-way into fork, turnover as flexible plastic tray; In the dunnage used Plastic collapsible cratecan have the effect of moisture, and not easy to appear the phenomenon such as wooden pallet bug eat by moth, nail.

with the using situation of flour industry, because the flour belong to the category of food enterprises, the 25 kg bags, so generally choose double 1. 3 * 1. 1 m or 1 field word. 3 * 1. 1 meter of built-in pipe, in the warehouse when the pattern, and the 'three vertical cross two' or 'horizontal two vertical three' to a stacking method, generally a tray 8 - pattern 10th floor, 1 - almost 1. 25 tons, also some flour processing enterprise can packed 12 or so. The tray - in the warehouse storage turnover Cargo - Tray - Cargo stowage mode, used with machinery forklift or automatic palletizing machines, on the one hand, improve work efficiency, save labor costs on the other hand, convenient delivery at the same time. There is also a part of flour processing enterprise can the sichuan words 1. 3 * 1. 1 m built-in steel pipe series, mainly convenient cooperate the use of manual hydraulic forklift, more used to flow inside the warehouse.

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