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Working principle of gravity shelves and design considerations

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
Gravity shelves is one of the storage shelves, its principle is on the shelves of each layer of the channel, fitted with a certain slope of ( The inbound side height above the outbound side) , guide rail, with orbit storage tray of the goods under the action of gravity, from the incoming flow to the outbound side. Between the shelves in the group with no homework channel, thereby increasing the 60% of the space utilization, improve the storage volume rate; Follow the principle of first in first out tray operation; Automatic storage of rotary; Storage and has chosen two separate actions greatly improve the output, because it is the gravity sliding to the goods, and there is no channel operation, and so reduce the number of transport routes and forklift truck.
gravity gravity shelves is one of the beams racking derivatives, shelf structure similar to beam type shelf, just in the screw drum on the beam orbit, orbit in 3 - 5 ° inclined. With forklift pallet goods to shelf stock, using the self-respect, slide tray from automatic import to pickup on the other side of the mouth. Is the first in first out way of storage. Shelf depth and layers according to needs. Gravity racking is suitable for the few varieties and large quantities of similar goods storage, high space utilization.
when gravity shelves in the design should pay attention to the following:
1, the shelf design (total depth The guide rail length) Shoulds not be too large, or not to use up and down 'blind Angle' will be larger, influence space utilization, and the slope is too long, will slide in the controllable is poorer, decline of the impact is bigger, easy cause falling, block, tray of the tilting of the goods.
2, shelves should design the damping device, which is set in the middle to make the slide smoothly, such as a long ramp, pallet fell to the bottom to make the time because of the impact force is too large tilting, should be a minimum of the ramp buffer device and pickup separation device, therefore the design, manufacture, installation is difficult, the cost is higher.
3, this shelf is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally within 6 meters, single goods generally within 1000 kg weight, reducing its reliability and operability, otherwise.

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