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You don't know the knowledge about the turnover box here

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
How much do you know about the turnover box? Small make up then make a brief introduction for you.

1, plastic crates is different from most of the plastic packaging materials. After removing products, packaging materials will be completed its historical mission and discarded junk. Plastic carrying case often reused many times after using, therefore the design concept of box should be considering that it is in use process should be has good protection and storage function. But often need to consider the matter of empty containers to save storage space, reduce transportation.

2, turnover box of the same length and width can be stacked crates, in order to better the stack. When the goods shipped and return empty container, they can save a lot of space. Plastic production process is very fast, making box just a few seconds. As a result, the plastic packaging cost is not high, most of the plastic packaging price is less than $10. Plastic crates light weight, good rigidity, similar to the board structure; They are resistant to chemicals and weather resistance and good heat insulation performance. Polypropylene piece of easy processing, such as through graphic printing or plastic film.

3, turnover box production plate has a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, the use of advanced made of polyethylene, and equipped with advanced machines; We will provide the paper according to different parameters for inspection, to ensure the quality and durability. In addition, with favorable market price for our customers can get all products from us.

the above content of the turnover box small make up, this paper views do not represent the views.
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